Mannequin fetish (agalmatophilia)

(statue fetish; sex doll fetish; statuephilia)

Agalmatophilia (from the Greek agalma 'statue', and philia 'friendship, affinity') is the sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin (dummy) or other similar figurative object.

Bathing fetish (ablutophilia)

(Bathing fetish; showering fetish)

Ablutophilia is a sexual attraction to bathing or showering. Bath and shower fetishes are quite common in adult films. The word derives from the Latin ablutio, meaning from, and luere meaning to wash.

Disability fetish (abasiophilia)

(wheelchairs fetish; braces fetish; casts fetish; braces fetish)

Abasiophilia is an attraction to people with impaired mobility, especially those who use orthopaedic appliances such as leg braces (calipers), orthopedic casts, spinal braces, or wheelchairs.[1] The term abasiophilia was first used by John Money of the Johns Hopkins University in a paper on paraphilias in 1990.[2][3]

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