Porno chic

The term "porno chic" was first used in the early 1970s to describe the wave of pornographic movies like Boys in the Sand, Behind the Green Door, Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones, and Score that appeared in mainstream moviehouses of the United States for the first time.

Hardcore insert

In the terminology of movie-making, a hardcore insert is an insert, depicting vaginal or anal penetration in a film. The technique was much in use in the 1970s, when adult films were feature films that required women with acting abilities, at least for the lead roles. Many actresses found it unacceptable to perform actual sex (or at least anal sex), so the inserts were shot with body doubles.


A fluffer is a hired member of the crew of a pornographic movie whose role on the set is to sexually arouse the male participants prior to the filming of scenes requiring erections.[1] The term has also been extended to include female participants.[citation needed] Today, many adult film stars[who?] maintain that fluffers are a thing of the past, needed in the 1970s and 1980s when the crew, shooting on celluloid, needed much more time to prepare a shot. Erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra have also played a part in replacing fluffers.


Felching is a sexual practice involving the act of sucking semen out of the vagina or anus of one's partner after sex.

In This Film Is Not Yet Rated, John Waters says, "No one has ever done felching.... I know a lot of perverts, and I don't know anyone who's done that."[1]


Facial (cumshot)

(Facial cumshot; Bukkake; Pearl necklace)

In a sexual context, a facial (also known as a facial cumshot) is the slang term for the sexual activity in which one person directs an ejaculation onto the face of another person, often following oral sex, intercourse, or other stimulation. The act is seen by sex psychologists as connecting with one's lover in the most personal and emotionally evocative way, as the face is considered the essence of one's identity[citation needed].

Deep throat

Deep throat is a sexual act in fellatio, in which the whole erect penis, down to the testicles or further, is taken into the mouth and throat, of another person. Many men derive great sexual pleasure from this act, since the penis can be stimulated by the mouth, tongue, and throat of their partner.

The adjective deep and the noun throat are often concatenated to form the verb to deepthroat.

Cum shot

Cumshot; Come shot; Money shot

A cum shot (sometimes spelled cumshot[1]), pop shot, or money shot is the record (on film or video or, less frequently, in some versions of glamour photography) of a man ejaculating, usually onto a person or object. It is typically the cinematographer's indication, within the narrative framework of a pornographic film, that the sexual act recorded has concluded.


(Cream pie)

Creampie, or internal cum shot, is a slang term in pornography to describe when a man ejaculates inside his partner's vagina or anus. In pornography vaginal sex is generally followed by a facial or other visible ejaculation. This, coupled with the fact that the wearing of condoms for vaginal and anal intercourse is now commonplace in pornography -- whereas a creampie by its very nature cannot be accomplished while wearing a condom -- makes ejaculating in the vagina an uncommon situation which can be advertised to attract viewers.

Hairless genitals preference (Acomoclitism)

Acomoclitism (from Greek κομη = hair, negation prefix α-, and κλιτικος = having a preference, from κλινειν = to lean, κλιτυς = a slope) is the technical term for a preference for hairless genitals.[1] The related adjective describing anyone with this preference is acomoclitic.In adult movies, the feminine practice is described as "hairless pussies" or "shaved pussies".


A sexual kink is a term used to refer to a broad range of sexual practices (sometimes referred to as "kinky") such as spanking, bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism (BDSM). Kink sexual practices transgress what are considered "normal" sexual boundaries as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners.

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