Erotic electrostimulation

Erotic electro stimulation (also known as electrophilia or electrosex), is a human sexual practice involving the application of low frequency electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body putting particular emphasis on the genitals using a power source (such as a TENS , EMS, or Made-for-play units) for purposes of sexual stimulation. Electro stimulation has been associated with BDSM activities, and erotic electrostimulation is an evolution of that practice.


A downblouse is a form of voyeurism enjoyed by those who are attracted to women, in which they seek a view of a woman's breasts down her shirt or blouse, particularly when she is bending over without regard for the fact that her shirt is loose around her neck. To the voyeur, downblousing is often considered most enjoyable when the breasts being viewed turn out to be bare; i.e., when the woman is not wearing a bra.

Dominant cuckold

In many sexual sub-cultures, being a cuckold is often associated with being submissive, but in the case of the Dominant Cuckold the man is dominant and the woman is submissive. Through his dominance he persuades her to have sex with men other than himself. This often includes, but not always, the Dominant choosing the submissive's sexual partners.

Doll fetish

Doll fetishism is a sexual fetish in which an individual is attracted to dolls and doll like objects such as figurines. The attraction may include the desire for actual sexual contact with a doll, a fantasy of a sexual encounter with an animate or inanimate doll, encounters between dolls themselves, or sexual pleasure gained from thoughts of being transformed or transforming another into a doll.

Davian behavior

Davian behavior is a scientific term of art referring to copulation with a dead conspecific. It was first observed in ground squirrels and was named after an old limerick ("There was an old miner named Dave/ who kept a dead whore in his cave/You have to admit/He hadn't much wit/But look at the money he saved!").[1] Davian behavior has since been observed and published in birds[2] and anurans. This behavior also occurs in humans, and the fact that there are laws against it, assumes that it must be controlled.

Daddy's girl fetish

The Daddy's girl fetish is a form of sexual fetishism that uses a couple's real or imagined age difference as the foundation of their sexual roleplay. It is not only practiced by an older man and younger woman, it may also be practiced by couples who are the same age, or where the woman is older than the man, because biological age is less important than the interpersonal dynamic between them. Homosexual people may also practice this type of roleplay. The "girl" role a woman plays can be any specific age up through teenage years, or can be age-indeterminate.

Crush fetish

A crush fetish is a paraphilia which primarily consists of the desire to see others (generally a desirable potential partner) crush small creatures such as insects, mammals and reptiles. Inanimate objects, such as cigarettes, fruit or toy cars, can also be crush fetish stimuli. The term "crush fetishist" also refers to those who perform the crushing.

Clothing fetish

A clothing fetish or garment fetish is a sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing, a collection of garments that appear as part of a fashion or uniform, or a person dressed in such a garment.

The clinical definition of a sexual fetish would require that a person is fixated on a specific garment to the extent that it exists as an exclusive (or recurrent) stimulus for sexual gratification.[1][2]


(Camel's toes)

Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of the female labia majora when seen through tight, form-fitting clothes.[1][2] It is sometimes called a "front bottom".

Common circumstances

The causes of cameltoe are not always obvious.[3][4] Cameltoe commonly occurs as a result of wearing clothing under the following conditions:

Breast expansion fetishism

Breast expansion fetishism is a context used within the genre of fantasy fiction comics to illustrate an erotic power in the processes of breast expansion and enlargement.


Breast expansion fetishism sexualizes the processes of enlarging breasts, whether by age, pregnancy,weight gain or surgery. The entertainment industries in Japan and the USA, the internet, pornography, and particularly adult comics (and the related comic conventions) provides the medium and arena in which this fetishization is communicated and produced.

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