Lotion play

Lotion play (ローションプレイ, rōshon purei?) is a popular form of Japanese erotica and prostitution involving the use of copious amounts of sex lubricant which in the Japanese language is referred to as "lotion" (ローション). Typically it involves sexual intercourse in a pool or bath filled with lotion, or lotion being poured over the participants during sex.[1] In Japan, lotion is available in concentrated form which can be added to hot water to produce the desired amount. The main component is polyacrylate.[2] A similar effect can be achieved by dissolving powdered methylcellulose in water; this is typically the form used in western attempts to replicate lotion play.[3] Lotion is also often mixed with substances such as milk powder to achieve a semen-like appearance[citation needed].

After the Japanese Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956, there was a boom in the massage industry[citation needed]. Because massage oil is time-consuming to wash off, at some point lotion was substituted[citation needed]. Lotion play is also a major feature of the Soapland experience.[4].


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